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Murkadee Discography on Band Camp

The Murkadee discography is now available on Band Camp!

Check it out here!

This includes the final Murkadee album Hislop, previously only offered at the last gig in May of 2009.

Included with Chain Jing Mines is a special bonus 8 bit remix of Make Me Come Home by the Attic Bits, while From A Spectral View has some very special write ups on the disc by The Attic Bat and Patrick Boutwell of the Brother Kite.


RPM Challenge Listening Party – Suggested Listening

The RPM Challenge listening party is tomorrow, March 25th 2011 in Portsmouth, NH. I’ve contributed to every single RPM Challenge since its inception in 2006 in every capacity; playing, writing, recording.

I believe tomorrow is the public unveiling of a project I worked closely with – The Trash Pickers from Epping and Nottingham, NH. This country/roots rock band wrote an album centered entirely around the concept and happenings of the dump.  I recorded and mixed the album, while the great Dave Talmage produced. They’ll be played at the Press Room after 9 PM.

Also featured at the Press Room after 9 PM are the Mango Wranglers, the potty mouth improv band whose live show I captured in February. Not for the easily offended, definitely for the easily amused (lots of Beavis and Butthead moments.) Their shows are so much fun.

If you catch me out and about say howdy and hi!


New Music Release!, Past projects, Recording and Studio

2008 Joseph K Murphy and The Best Friends Ever EP Remixed, Remastered, Rereleased

I’ve taken some time since the new year to visit an old project – the first Joseph K Murphy and the Best Friends Ever EP. This collection was done as the Murkadee production schedule was dragging on and produced quite a number of favorites among those who listen to my stuff. I wasn’t unhappy with how it was produced, but I wanted another stab at mixing and mastering it and wanted to make it special when I finally got around to putting it up on Band Camp – which I’ve now done.

Here it is! Remixed and Remastered, Joseph K Murphy and the Best Friends Ever EP for your listening enjoyment – and if you care to, you can download the thing – name your price!