New Music Release!

2012 Original Christmas Music

Listen Here!

Last year I enlisted a group of friends to contribute to a Christmas song I had written. This year, a few of us reconvened to do it all again. Here is our 2012 Christmas song “Santa, Write Back” with Patrick Boutwell of the brother kite on vocals, Nate Hastings of the Pros on guitar, Dan Murphy (recently of Howling Boil, among other acts) on drums. I wrote the thing and played a little piano and bass. Enjoy!



I’ve been working through the Hardknoxbury project, a group I’ve put together with my “usual suspects.” We call the genre Booze Rock. To date, I’ve put up one recording we’ve done (a cover of the wrestler Shawn Michaels’ theme song) and we’ve played one show. Doesn’t sound like much? Wait until you hear the album!

I’m in finishing-the-mix-mode. It is often these final throws when you realize your true inspirations. You may sit down and say “I’m going to make an album like Dark Side of the Moon.” You may describe to your friends how your band sounds like Beck-crossed-with-Metric. It seems that in the moments you’re finishing your pieces, you can finally come to conclusions that don’t necessarily damage your artistic ego. Just now I’ve realized a record that I was trying to mimic. I wish I had noticed earlier. It would’ve made a lot of decisions we were faced with easier. Some one else had already made them.

Now what we have is a bastardized, mutated version of a few different albums that have already been made. Which is what all albums are. This one just happens to have a song about peeing off your porch

Drink of the night: Sam Adams’ Winter Lager