New Music Release!

Scraggly Winter Bird EP

Here’s an EP recorded and mixed for some friends over in Newmarket this winter. 3 gents pickin’ in a living room.

Hardknoxbury, New Music Release!

Hardknoxbury – Oh My Aching Head – Available Now!

You can stream it for free – or buy a digital copy – or order a physical copy and receive a digital copy immediately – all from the same great place on Band camp!


“A reckless and raucous journey through the garage punk boooze rock of Hardknoxbury.

Dedicated to the memory of Macho Man Randy Savage
“It was wild…It was different..And it was Awesome” -R.S.”

Please enjoy!



New Music Release!

2012 Original Christmas Music

Listen Here!

Last year I enlisted a group of friends to contribute to a Christmas song I had written. This year, a few of us reconvened to do it all again. Here is our 2012 Christmas song “Santa, Write Back” with Patrick Boutwell of the brother kite on vocals, Nate Hastings of the Pros on guitar, Dan Murphy (recently of Howling Boil, among other acts) on drums. I wrote the thing and played a little piano and bass. Enjoy!

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Murkadee Discography on Band Camp

The Murkadee discography is now available on Band Camp!

Check it out here!

This includes the final Murkadee album Hislop, previously only offered at the last gig in May of 2009.

Included with Chain Jing Mines is a special bonus 8 bit remix of Make Me Come Home by the Attic Bits, while From A Spectral View has some very special write ups on the disc by The Attic Bat and Patrick Boutwell of the Brother Kite.

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2008 Joseph K Murphy and The Best Friends Ever EP Remixed, Remastered, Rereleased

I’ve taken some time since the new year to visit an old project – the first Joseph K Murphy and the Best Friends Ever EP. This collection was done as the Murkadee production schedule was dragging on and produced quite a number of favorites among those who listen to my stuff. I wasn’t unhappy with how it was produced, but I wanted another stab at mixing and mastering it and wanted to make it special when I finally got around to putting it up on Band Camp – which I’ve now done.

Here it is! Remixed and Remastered, Joseph K Murphy and the Best Friends Ever EP for your listening enjoyment – and if you care to, you can download the thing – name your price!

New Music Release!

John Herman’s Steampunk and Robot Theater!

With the help of local play writes, directors, artists and musicians John Herman has put together an Steampunk and Robot Experience, currently taking place at The Player’s Ring in Portsmouth. I wrote and recorded a musical piece based on a play (“Progress” by Sean Myers) that is available for listen and download on John Herman’s website —>HERE<—

Other contributing musicians include 8 bit artists The Attic Bits, Jon Briggs, robotmonkeyarm, and many more really awesome musicians.  The visual art is particularly enticing.  The song I contributed is titled “I’m Too Much.”