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  • Studio Happenings – December 2014
    We’re (mostly me) enjoying our new home of Center of the Universe Recording here in Epping, NH, just off of Route 125! We have a lot of projects coming through, many with early 2015 releases. 2014 was an interesting and fun year, packed with some wonderful talent stepping up to our microphones. Will you be one in the New Year? The long awaited twang album, Sad, Drunk, and Missing You from Amos Clapp and The Tender Touch (of which I am a part of) sees a release date of 12/19/2014. The album was in production for 2 years, and features the brilliant work of many great vocalists and instrumentalists from the Seacoast. Information for ordering will be available here soon. To follow Amos Clapp and The Tender Touch on Facebook, check the Social Media section at the end of this post. A few different projects going on with Andrea Szirbik and her band The Spectacles, one with a very close release date. I’ll update on that as soon as things are cleared for lift off. Our music education group – Seacoast Music Lessons – is offering 10% off for the month of January to new students, and 10% off to existing students with a referral. Guitar, bass, keyboard, music theory and music production lessons are available in the half hour and 1 hour flavors. E-mail me at josephkmurphy “at” gmail “dot” com for more information. Teaching is a great passion of mine, and I’m stoked to be going into my 9th year of doing it. I was filled in that the debut Me In Capris EP I worked on has been mastered. They’re a fantastic rock band that I hope I get to work with again. Lovely. Finally, the garage/punk/booze band Hardknoxbury I lead had a blast at the Dover Brickhouse this past Saturday with Almanac Mountain and Post Atlantic. Expect more gigs from us in 2015. Our second release, to be titled “Her Name Gets Me Drunk” is expected for Summer 2015. Until then, check out our debut album RIGHT HERE! And that’s about it for now. Thanks to all of our supporters! Great things lie ahead! Joseph K Murphy Social Media/Artists Mentioned in this Post Center of The Universe Recording on Facebook Andrea Szirbik on Facebook Almanac Mountain on Facebook Post Atlantic on Facebook
  • Hardknoxbury Nominated for TWO Spotlight Awards!

    Excited to hear that my project Hardknoxbury, which released our debut album “Oh, My Aching Head” (available on iTunes) this year has been nominated for two Spotlight Awards by Spotlight Entertainment! The first, in the Best Pop/Punk act category, and the second in the popular vote category.

    If you’d like to support this little booze-rock outfit, YOU CAN! Just head over to the following link, look under the “Favorite Band or Musician” category and give Hardknoxbury your love. Thank you all, Hardknoxburians.


  • RPM 2014 Season and Post Season Service Deals

    It is RPM, and as usual, I am offering my services at greatly reduced rates. I’m available for recording, mixing and mastering services during the month for a very affordable price. Most popular is my month end mastering, where I help you package your work for final hand in.

    Also popular though, is my extended post season deal. You’ve slaved all month crafting your project, you mix it and get it handed in, but your ears are burned out, or your forced to make messy decisions in order to beat the headline. Should you want to remix, sweeten, or master your RPM project post March 1st, I offer my services for the same reduced rate in March. Contact me via email = josephkmurphy “@” gmail “dot” com, or on any of my social media outlets to discuss details.

    February is the month where every one makes music.

  • winterstar – Wake Up Dead

    Recently I mastered a new album for my friends in winterstar. Today, they have released Wake Up Dead! They’re offering the release in several different packages, including some cool poster deals and of course – the bandcamp download. Check Wake Up Dead  out here!

  • Post-RPM Mixing/Mastering Services – DEALS!

    Did you participate in the RPM Challenge? Every year, thousands of musicians, artists, and songwriters do, and every year, many of them flesh out their creations after the challenge is over to give it a proper release.

    This year, I’m offering a deal on post-RPM Remixing and mastering services. If you want to polish up your tracks before they head off to be manufactured, I am here to help. With a sophisticated system, the best tools in the industry (Waves, Izotope, NI, etc) and almost 10 years experience, your RPM project will shine.

    Pricing is –

    Remixing or Mastering of your project

    $200 for a full day (10 hrs), that’s a full 10 song album remix


    $100 for a half day (perfect for mastering a full album)

    As always, services are negotiable depending on the project’s needs. Project will be delivered in whatever media format is requested (Minus reel to reel tape. Sorry. Cassette tape is still on the table!)

    Contact me at or call (603) 608___ 8672  to take advantage!

    Offer lasts through April 1st

  • JKM, Murkadee Sign Licensing Deal With PARMA Licensing, LLC.

    August 9, 2011 – Just got the confirmation, my old Murkadee band mate DeLaine Bennett and I have made a deal with PARMA Recordings’ licensing branch out of North Hampton, NH, who will be adding our music to their precleared music catalogue. Music from PARMA’s catalogue has been featured on HBO, PBS, Pixar, HBO and more. Personally, I’ve done some custom audio work for the company in the past and they are a joy to work with. The Murkadee team is very excited!

    For more information on PARMA, visit their website at

  • WUNH Spot – August 1st, Announcement Soon

    I’ll be appearing on WUNH tomorrow (Monday, August 1st, 2011) with Sarah LaPointe showcasing a few recent recording clients. Check it out streaming at 91.3 FM on the New Hampshire Seacoast or streaming at everywhere!

    And I have some exciting news to announce very soon. Woo.


  • Murkadee Discography on Band Camp

    The Murkadee discography is now available on Band Camp!

    Check it out here!

    This includes the final Murkadee album Hislop, previously only offered at the last gig in May of 2009.

    Included with Chain Jing Mines is a special bonus 8 bit remix of Make Me Come Home by the Attic Bits, while From A Spectral View has some very special write ups on the disc by The Attic Bat and Patrick Boutwell of the Brother Kite.

  • RPM Challenge Listening Party – Suggested Listening

    The RPM Challenge listening party is tomorrow, March 25th 2011 in Portsmouth, NH. I’ve contributed to every single RPM Challenge since its inception in 2006 in every capacity; playing, writing, recording.

    I believe tomorrow is the public unveiling of a project I worked closely with – The Trash Pickers from Epping and Nottingham, NH. This country/roots rock band wrote an album centered entirely around the concept and happenings of the dump.  I recorded and mixed the album, while the great Dave Talmage produced. They’ll be played at the Press Room after 9 PM.

    Also featured at the Press Room after 9 PM are the Mango Wranglers, the potty mouth improv band whose live show I captured in February. Not for the easily offended, definitely for the easily amused (lots of Beavis and Butthead moments.) Their shows are so much fun.

    If you catch me out and about say howdy and hi!


  • Spotlight Entertainment Spotlight Awards Music Jury

    I was invited to be a part of this year’s Music Jury for Spotlight Entertainment’s Spotlight Awards, so I did that. I hope that my contribution opened up some eyes to great, though a little out of the  loop, music  being made in this  scene. I was introduced to Elissa Margolin, who is awesome.

    There is 1 popular vote category if you’re into it – vote here