Some happy thoughts from some happy clients!

“Joseph K Murphy is the kind of technical wizard for which big-time bands pay millions. His contributions are crystal clear to the musicians and completely transparent to everyone else. They become part of the song, enhancing every detail while maintaining the original intention. Regardless of style, he takes time to listen to reference material to be sure of the sound a band/producer wants and then delivers. The best part is, even though he knows way, way more than you do, he’ll never make you feel stupid about it. It is my recommendation that you give him all your money.” –‘RT’ Tompkins, winterstar, Chase the Ghost

“Joseph Murphy has been providing our club with high-quality sound engineering for about 3 years now, oftentimes saving the day and taking over a last-minute call-out. He is enthusiastic, readily available, and approaches all of his work with a professionally fun gung-ho attitude! We always look forward to seeing his smile pop through the front door. I know that Joseph has a history of teaching music to kids, and I’ve witnessed him working very well with adults. He is also a gifted musician himself, which always helps out when it comes to communicating with sometimes finicky musicians. I consider him a jack of all trades and genres, and would recommend him highly!” – Abby Winzeler, General Manager, The Stone Church Music Club


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